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Types of Biodegradable Films


Understanding what are Biodegradable Films!


The Basics (Polyethylene/PE)

Polyethylene is created through polymerization of ethene. It can be produced through radical polymerizati…

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Plastic Recycling Process Explained !

What is Plastic Recycling & How it Works?

The term "Plastic recycling" is the process of recovering and reprocessing plastic scrap or waste into useful and functional products. The main objective of …

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Understanding How Plastic Bags are made.

Plastic bags, also called “poly bags,” are one of those modern conveniences that make our life easy. However about 60 years ago, no one ever considered the …

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How Custom Packaging Can Help You.

Product packaging plays a important role across every industry. From electronics to clothing to furniture or any other product, the significance of packaging cannot…

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Plastic Recycle Machine (Plastic Granuels Machine)

SHEETAL PlasTech. offers various models for Plastic Recycling machines ( pelletizing plant) to make granules form resin in various range in screw diameter 75mm, 90mm and 100mm with / without vent syst…

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Multi Layer Blown Film Plant ( A-B-A & A-B-C Type)

These machines are capable to produce Lamination films, Stretch films, Diary Packing Films etc. Extrusion options available are A-B-A type and A-B-C type.

These machines are capable to produce wid…

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Mono Layer Blown Film Plant (HD-HDPE / LD-LLDPE)

We have partnered with leading manufacturers to offer top quality Mono Layer Film Plant. These machines are used to produce plastic films for Shopping Bags Grocery Bags , Nursery Bags etc.


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Machinery Finance

The Indian plastics industry has made tremendous strides in the past few decades and holds the status of being one of the leading sectors across the country with a very sizable base. The Industry has …

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Upgrade your Bag Making System








Improve your old mechanical machines performance by upgrading to the latest Servo System Control Panel, resulting in better final product and productivity…

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Open House for 65mm Blown Film Plant


Open House for 65MM Blown Film Plant is scheduled on November 22, 2015  from 10 am - 4 pm at our works. Interested parties may contact us for more details

Prior registration is required for …

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