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How Custom Packaging Can Help You.

Product packaging plays a important role across every industry. From electronics to clothing to furniture or any other product, the significance of packaging cannot be ignored. In fact in many situations packaging plays an important part in the purchase decision.

Taking these factors into account it is of prime importance that your product packaging must not only do the job to effectively protect the product, but also eliciting a positive impression from your customers.

The best way to achieve these and many other goals is through custom product packaging. If you’re still using a standard box or a bag for all your products, it’s time for a change.

Here's why you need custom packaging and how it can help you.


1) Cost-effectiveness – Despite common misconceptions, custom packaging is a cost-effective option for packaging products, especially when using standard designs and artwork.  Making custom-designed boxes or bags for each product saves on raw material, eliminating the need for filler material by matching the product’s exact dimensions.

For example., Wasting a 5kg capacity plastic bag for a product which is less than 500gms is a sheer waste of material. Not only does it costs more but also affects the brand's image.

Instead on can go for customized sized bags or boxes in sync with the product dimensions. Nowadays, Low-cost packaging options are also readily available, allowing for better customization.


2) Protection – Designing the dimensions of the packaging provides better protection for the product. Standard-sized boxes usually require a lot of  filler materials (like air cushions, bubble wraps or paper) that can contribute to damage if the product shifts during transport.

Custom packaging lets you design boxes that better fit the product. This ensures the products fit properly in the packing and you are assured that the product can withstand good amount of transit damage. Alternatively You can also design corner pieces, bubble wraps etc. to keep the product in place.


3) Brand awareness – Packaging serves as a big influence upon customers for Brand awareness and recognition. In fact studies have shown that excellent and beautiful packaging can influence purchase decisions.


Thus for many businesses, packaging serves as the first impression to clients. A basic box has plenty of empty space to add any eye-catching details that will stand out to customers.

Making a name for your brand is a great way of generating customer loyalty, and customers who associate the brand with quality products are likely to offer repeat business.


4) Customer satisfaction – The customer always comes first, and custom packaging gives businesses a way to emphasize this. Better protection for products ensures better quality, which is the key to customer satisfaction. Custom packaging is also a great way to further involve your customer with your product or brand. This inclusive practice creates a positive image as well as long lasting customer satisfaction.


5) Eco-friendliness – Many modern consumers specifically buy environmentally-friendly products, such as Recycle Paper Bags and  Boxes and Biodegradable bags etc. These are made from 100% recycled materials and this sends a message that you care about the environment. The new age buyer is not only looking for expensive brands but also for responsible brands.


As a brand owner, you can also work with specialists in packaging design to create environmentally-friendly designs that further enhance your brand awareness. Custom packaging can work to a business/brands advantage by attracting clientele and ensuring that the product arrives intact.

Focus on what makes your brand unique in order to create innovative custom packaging for your customers and where possible use packaging which is environmentally friendly and helps demonstrate to your customers that you care.


A customized package is not only cost effective but also helps to create brand awareness. It helps create a professional image of the company. Not only does a customize package works as creative advertising but also helps in converting awareness to actual sales


If you are looking for custom packaging ideas, or just need some advice feel free to contact us with you requirement and we shall be happy to assist you.

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