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Plastic Recycle Machine (Plastic Granuels Machine)

SHEETAL PlasTech. offers various models for Plastic Recycling machines ( pelletizing plant) to make granules form resin in various range in screw diameter 75mm, 90mm and 100mm with / without vent system screw and barrel, die and pettletizer for Plastic Recycling Machine Die Face Cutter..

These machines are available in Single Stage  or Two stage ( Mother - baby extrusion)  system


Standard Features:

  • Screw & Barrel made of  EN41B material

  • Hydraulic Screen Changer

  • Stainless steel tank

  • Heavy duty Cutter

  • AC inverter drive as standard

  • Tough construction

  • Energy efficiency

  • Seamless finish

  • High performance

  • Our Two stage recycling plant is easy to operate and gives high quality granules. Direct tapes, Fabric, Lamination waste feeding is possible, which eliminate Agglomerator (Densifier) and grinder. It decreases cost of manpower, electricity and increases quality of granules.


Application :

• Material: All kinds of plastics waste., plastic bottles , PET bottles etc

• Online Force Feeding Film Trim, Tape Trim without cutting agglomerator

• For the plastic waste of higher moister, heavy printing, heavy contamination.


Production Capacity: 100 - 200 ( kg/hr )** 

** depends upon external factors , operator skills , type of machine  chosen etc.


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