Manufacturer and Exporters of Plastic and Packaging Products in Mumbai, INDIA.

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We offer a wide range of Plastic Tubing & Film Sheets, at competitive prices. Polythene rolls offered come with various properties such as Anti-static rolls, Corona Treated rolls, Recycled/Reprocessed rolls, Co-Extruded rolls etc. These rolls come in various sizes and material compositions as per customer requirement and budget.

We offer the following Products in this segment.


We offer a wide range of Plastic Tubing Rolls as per customer specifications. These films are produced in top quality Monolayer & Multilayer Blown Film Machines.

We offer following types PE Film Rolls:

  1. PP (Poly Propylene) Film Rolls
  2. HM / HDPE Film Rolls
  3. LD / LDPE Film Rolls
  4. Biodegradable Film Rolls (Oxo Biodegradable, PVA, PLA etc.)

These rolls are used to make various types of Plastic bags and in PE based wrapping material. 


We offer a wide range of Plastic Film Sheets as per customer specifications. These sheets are produced in top quality Monolayer & Multilayer Blown Film Machines and find application in industries such as Agriculture, Ecommerce Packaging, Construction etc.

We offer the following PE film Sheets:

  1. Mulch Films
  2. Cling & Stretch Films
  3. Air Bubble Film
  4. Construction Sheets etc.

These sheets come in standard as well as custom sizes as per clients' requirement.


We offer an exhaustive collection of HDPE and Cross Laminated Tarpaulins.

These multipurpose tarpaulins and are  extensively utilized as a rain water proof shade for transportation, covering scooters, cars, bricks making, sugar, chemical, textile and many more. These come in various sizes/dimensions and in multiple colors.

Features & Benefits:

  • High resistance against weather condition.
  • Water Resistant
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Light weight.
  • Greater durability..