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Multi Layer Blown Film Plant ( A-B-A & A-B-C Type)

These machines are capable to produce Lamination films, Stretch films, Diary Packing Films etc. Extrusion options available are A-B-A type and A-B-C type.

These machines are capable to produce wide range of materials like HDPE, LLDPE , LDPE etc in difference combination as per machine selected.

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Mono Layer Blown Film Plant (HD-HDPE / LD-LLDPE)

We have partnered with leading manufacturers to offer top quality Mono Layer Film Plant. These machines are used to produce plastic films for Shopping Bags Grocery Bags , Nursery Bags etc.



Standard Features :

  • Grew feed section for higher production
  • Barrier screw for qualit…

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Open House for 65mm Blown Film Plant


Open House for 65MM Blown Film Plant is scheduled on November 22, 2015  from 10 am - 4 pm at our works. Interested parties may contact us for more details

Prior registration is required for this event.


  • 65 MM Blown Film Plant
  • Rotating Die System
  • Max tubing width 48 inch…

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Plastic Bag Making Plant for Sale.

We have the following Plastic bag making plant for sale.  The entire plant was commissioned  in 2010.

Machine list

  1. Blown film plant -  45 MM - AGA - 2 nos
  2. Blown film plant -  50 MM - KOLSITE  - 1 nos
  3. Bag making machine -  28 inch Double Decker  - SHEETAL - 4 nos
  4. Bag making machine -  2…

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